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GMC Software provides Customer Communications Management solutions to organizations and their partners. We make the complexity of creating and maintaining a dynamic communication portfolio simple and easy to use. Our focus is to bring actionable innovation to market faster and smarter than anyone else in the industry, giving our clients a competitive edge in a market shaped by rapidly changing consumer-technology.

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GMC Software will reinvent customer communications to empower every interaction, every channel, at every step of the journey to achieve the ultimate customer experience.

Your Customers. Engaged.

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We are passionate about our customers, employees and consistently challenging the status quo.  We want our clients to share our passion about customer engagement and help them leverage our technology to address their business needs. 

Sam Huang, Finance Manager

Believing future, Believe GMC. So full of PASSION, happy with job.

Josef Bačkovský, Product Architect

The success of my product is my personal desire.

Sunny Deng, Customer Care Manager

Passion (热情):充满激情, 迎接挑战, 创造价值, 满意服务。

Nadja Romer, Executive Assistant

PASSION is the base I need for success. It carries me in hard times and it gets stronger with every great achievement.


We deliver what we promise with high quality and on time. We professionally challenge each other and always act as if the customer is right in front of us. Performance at GMC Software is always recognized and rewarded.

Tereza Ducháčová, HR Manager

GMC is always one step ahead the competition and customers needs. GMC has the best people to deliver the best software solution.
GMC employees have open mind, they are visionaries and hard workers. Work and have fun together.

Eva Stárková,  Accountant

I always try to do my best. I try to work as efficiently as I can and avoid procrastination.
I try to cooperate with others as I know that collective genius enhances performance.

Robert Valela, Personnel Consultant

PERFORMANCE is at the foundation of every project completed.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, from our award-winning technology to our dedicated leadership and remarkable support teams. Excellence is the standard we set for ourselves when delivering products and services to our customers and their partners.

Lauro Canonica, Consultant

The customers can trust us to deliver the best possible solution now and in the future. Our technology will allow them to be always ready for new market opportunities.

Pavel Polz, Support Engineer 1st level

It is when I don’t satisfy with the necessity, but I strive to aim for absolute customers satisfaction leading to my knowledge and character enhancement.

Alvaro Muelas, Office Manager

EXCELLENCE: is basically the key of success. It ́s a daily fight against yourself to achieve your best.


We are dedicated to building and being part of something bigger then ourselves. It is about being supportive, appreciated, learning together and sharing a journey to a common goal. We invite our clients and partners (and even competitors) to be part of our community to continue reinventing our market.

Philip G. Romeo, Customer Project Manager

The COMMUNITY of GMC allows me to work with a team of people who I trust and know that when aligned, we all succeed.

Milan Lázníček, Support Engineer 1st Level

  • New Ideas from colleagues
  • Sharing and giving back what we learned
  • Team inspiration and motivation to improve ourselves
  • Understanding and Appreciating our personal differences and strengths
  • Enjoying the free Feeling in our Workspace

William Jeff Bundy, Senior Solution Architect

The GMC Software community is both intimate and global. Evidence, I know people across the globe that I can call right now who will help me finish a task or complete a goal.